Block chain Escrow platform is...

"Block chain Escrow platform" is a buy and sell service of digital items using block chain technology operated by Aeria Ltd.

"Multi signature method" is adopted as a feature of escrow buying and selling, making it is possible to send and receive digital items safely.

By utilizing this platform and selling and providing materials that have not been able to be put on digital until now as new digital assets, we are also aiming to create new experiences.

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A registered account is required for the buying and selling of digital items.
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It is possible to buy and sell data handled by various companies listed on NEM's block chain platform.
It is currently possible to buy and sell Aeria's block chain trading cards.
Corresponding content will be appended when necessary.

Digital Item Selling Digital Item Buying

A recipient desktop wallet address is necessary to buy and sell digital items.

Please download and set up a desktop wallet such as "NanoWallet" for the PC, "NEMWallet" for the smartphone, etc. before purchasing trading cards.

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