Frequently Asked Questions
What is escrow?
In the case of business transactions, it is an arrangement that uses a trusted neutral third parties to mediate between seller and buyer to trade money or goods. Our company is responsible for the role of the neutral third party.
What is the Multi signature method?
When exchanging data on the block chain, the seller and the buyer and the person who confirms it (our company) are each signed and recorded on the block chain. This prevents cases where ''payment has not paid due to the acts of a malicious user despite having sent the purchased data''.
What is the designation address?
It is the name of the location of the digital item(s) you are sending in your desktop wallet. In the case of selling digital items, please enter the sending address in the designated field.
What is the address for deposit?
This is the name of the location to receive digital item(s) you have purchased in your desktop wallet. When purchasing data, please fill in the receiving address of the desktop wallet in the designated field.
Can you get the data purchased or payment as soon as you buy or sell?
It may take some time to sign a multi signature or record to a block chain. Acquisition is completed when the processing status displayed disappears.
Is the only payment option NEM?
Yes. Currently, NEM is the only payment option.
Is it only possible to use the service to buy and sell ''Block Chain ยท Trading Card'' cards?
No. We plan to support trade for digital items of various contents and other transactions in the future.